Miss « Winnie »

Sometimes, I meet people and I tell myself: I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason.

During our service trip, we stayed at a magical house. It was on the edge of the Ocean, we could hear the waves at night while observing the bright light of the moon. I remember sitting there thinking: What else do I need?



Miss Witney is the owner of that place and has a fascinating story. She grew up with many siblings, I think there are 7 of them if I remember well. She told us that, when she was young, her parents had to pick one or two of their kids to have an education with hope that they will be able to help the family financially, once they get a job. Miss Witney was one of the two of her family. She left to the States and came back years later in Jamaica to help her relatives. She created that amazing and soulful place that we all fell in love with. She told us: I worked hard. Everyday I woke up thinking that I needed to work to improve. She is really involved with the community and with the kids that we were helping. She realizes that education is key to human fulfillment.

Her heart is pure of love and dedication to others. I will always look up to her courage and determination.

Her eyes speak by themselves, she has the wisdom of an old soul and the kindness of a kid. As we were about to leave to get ice cream, she stopped and looked at me:  » I know you have a lot of dreams Oceane but you need to sing. Use your voice to pass messages ». I stopped, and so did everyone else. My friend Kelsey said:  » Do you know that one of her biggest passion is actually to sing? » Miss Witney said: « No, I had no idea but she needs to » She looked deep into my eyes  » Please, sing. » I promised to do so. When we left the day after I wrote in my journal : « I will be back for you Miss Witney, and my first song, will be dedicated to you ».

From my heart and through my soul, thank you for sharing your wise smile with us. We love you.


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